Paul Schweikert

Paul Schweikert III started the Datara Group in 2009 in New Zealand (formerly called BPMetrics). He is currently the Director for the global group, with 30+ years of experience in the IT industry across the globe. Paul sets the technical direction of the products and services of the group – working with vendors and IT manufacturers to keep Datara on the leading edge of performance engineering technology and knowledge. Paul regularly gives presentations on trends in this sector and CEO-level advice to companies on how they can reduce their technology risks and create great User experiences by using Performance Engineering and Application Performance Management.

Paul is a highly self-motivated and exemplary engineering professional with senior management experience, who specialises in performance engineering, application performance management, service virtualisation, risk mitigation, test automation, and quality processes.

Paul has returned with his family to the US to help establish Datara Group US LLC located in Reno, Nevada.