Datara Application Performance Management services provide granularity into end to end business transactions and identify potential problems proactively, before they become serious issues.

Our deep dive analytics, allow for effective, rapid identification, diagnosis and resolution of performance capacity problems or bottlenecks within the operating environment.

The pace of change in today’s world isn’t just faster than it has ever been, it is accelerating to the point that business solutions are often dated before they even reach their intended market or customer base. Couple this with the increases in complexity of implementing and deploying today’s technology and it can become even harder to understand how your customers are interacting with the business let alone provide visibility into performance of the full end-to-end customer experience.

Paradoxically, this means the business can be less, not more connected with their customers, which can have a significant impact on business performance. If performance is an issue affecting your customer base, you need to know about it and be able to respond fast, preferably before it even becomes a serious problem for your customers and your business.

At Datara we are passionate about helping organisations understand how their customers interact with the business through the complexities of the technology stack and maximising performance to the business through effective exploitation of their enterprise IT systems.

Our team of Application Performance Management and Monitoring (APM&M) specialists have many years in-depth experience in designing, implementing, delivering and supporting complex APM solutions. We work closely with technology providers to deliver leading edge solutions for today’s complex and ever changing technology environments.

Datara adds the following measurable value to your business:

  • Decrease mean time to restore service
  • Ensuring every IT dollar spent provides real value for the business

The Services we offer include:

  • Strategic Business Consulting
  • APM Business Case Development
  • Guidance on selecting appropriate tools and technologies
  • Strategic planning and implementation of APM solutions