Datara Automation Services provide access to the skills and experience required for our customers to realise the benefits of Test Automation.

Datara often hear that Automation projects are the most challenging and demanding projects that our customer organisations undertake, and often times the benefits realised were not favourable. Datara believe that by adopting the right set of guiding principals many of the pitfalls of Automation can be avoided. And the benefits of successful automation deployments speak for themselves.

Take for instance a simple scenario of a typical enterprise application. Assume there are as many as 25,000 functional tests guarding the organisation from regression. Assuming a human can execute 50 tests per hour, running them all by hand would take 500 hours. And assuming testers earn $50/hour, that's a cost of $25,000 each test run!

Now let's assume that engineers can automate tests at a rate of 5 per hour and are paid $75/hour. All 25,000 tests can be automated in 5000 hours at a cost of $375,000. Sounds like a lot of coin, right? But this investment pays for itself after just 15 executions of the test suite - or, less than a week.

This is a simple ROI scenario and Datara recognise there are many variables that impact the financial benefits, the quality outcomes along with the cost of maintaining the automated suite. Regardless, the example shows the sort of benefits that are possible when automation is approached correctly.

Datara Automation Services provide the following benefits:

  • Maintainability - ease of updating the test automation suites for each new release
  • Reliability - the accuracy and repeatability of the test automation
  • Flexibility - vendor agnostic regarding automation test ware
  • Efficiency - cost of effort needed for the automation
  • Portability - the ability of the automated test to run on different environments
  • Robustness - the effectiveness of automation on an unstable or rapidly changing system
  • Usability - the extent to which automation can be used by different types of users

Datara Automation Services include:

  • Automation Test Benefits Assessment
  • Automation Framework definition/customisation
  • Test scenarios assessment
  • Automation Strategy
  • Building automations suites
  • Automation Tool Selection - so you get the best one that works with YOUR Software

If you would like to understand how Datara Automation Service could be of benefit to your organisation we are just a call away. Or just email us on