Today hybrid application architectures and development techniques, along with popular Agile methodologies, have resulted in increased system and project complexity which in turn create challenges to make integrated development and test environments readily available.

Consequently the risks and costs of application development environment have, in many cases, also increased. The use of Datara SV services helps eliminate constraints throughout the SDLC.

Datara SV Benefits

  • Accelerate time-to-market through improved software release cycle times
  • Remove constraints to improve the effectiveness of agile parallel development methods
  • Reduce costs by eliminating much of the concurrent demand for development environments
  • Assure performance readiness by properly evaluating the scalability of applications with load testing at the component level
  • Reduce manual lab configuration and test data management time for increased productivity and reliability
  • Identify issues earlier in the development cycles for higher performance and quality and reduced risk
  • Reduce costs and complexities of test data and scenario management

Datara SV Services include:

  • SV Benefits Assessment
  • SV Requirements Assessments
  • SV Tool Assessments
  • SV Tool deployments
  • SV program implementations and maintenance